The priority is to help young people get back to, or continue to, work or study and support the parent child relationship. This is done by a process of drawing up an assessment which identifies the causes of problems, and offering realistic interventions to meet the needs.


All assessments are carried out holistically to ensure that the most appropriate solutions are identified. This is agreed jointly with the family and then the team who will support the strategies agreed.


Assessments look specifically at the psychological dynamics that underpin problems. These include looking specifically at developmental issues, learning difficulties, behaviour problems, family relationships and life events that impact on development and well being. From this basis we can effectively plan interventions that meet the specific need, this sometimes may involve redirected to other services or communicating and supporting other professionals such as schools.

 The team specialise in working with children presenting a wide range of mental, developmental and emotional problems. All early support assessments and interventions are undertaken by our mental health specialist who has worked in a variety of settings in the child and adolescent mental health service for 15 years. The basis of all our work is early intervention and to get children and families back on track. 


A number of research studies have reported that the longer people go without having treatment, the harder it is to start the process of recovery. Issues such as anxiety, school refusal, self-harm can soon become entrenched.  Early intervention services are designed to give people quick and easy access to support when they first become unwell.











Example of support package

A full Mental Health Assessment and intervention support sessions for both child and parents

Assessment         £100  (2 hours) 

Parental Support £50 per session  (1 hour)

Prices may vary depending on child's location taking travel into account

Please email for more information